Monday, 12 March 2012

Travel apps and helpful websites

Below are a list of helpful websites you can use to make travel easier.


  • Wifi-Finder - (Free app). This app will show you the nearest wi-fi spots are and even show you how to get there.
  • Guide Pal - (Free app). This app has so much information and plenty of places to download too (eg Paris, Athens, Berlin, Rome, Singapore). It provides info on things to see & do, nightlife, restaurants and shopping.


  • Trip Advisor - This is a great website for hotel reviews. Guests can upload photos of the hotels they stay at, giving you a true indication of what the hotel is like.
  • Oanda  - I use this website every time I travel. You can print out a tiny cheat-sheet for your wallet. It is discreet and saves you getting out your calculator and looking like a tourist.
  • Seatguru - Enter in your flight number and airline and be shown the best and worst seats on a plane. (see photos below).


  1. These are so helpful! Thanks!

    Sam x